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automatic rolling shutter manufacturer mumbai

Automatic Rolling Shutter Manufacturer Mumbai

automatic rolling shutter
  • Neelcon Automation & Arch. Products is a Dealer in India for Auto Roll Brand - one of China's top 5 companies for Automatic Rolling Shutter Motors (Motorised Rolling Shutters). We pioneered in Fuchang Rolling Shutter motor in India in 2011.
  • We are an Automatic Rolling Shutter Manufacturer in Mumbai since last 25 years. Now Automation has came into the manual shutter and it is termed as Automatic Rolling Shutters or Motorised Rolling Shutter.
  • We are experts in manufacturing Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters (Acrylic Rolling Shutter) used in shopping malls, shops, window display which is a seethrough transparent shutter as well as safety.
  • Aluminium Rolling Shutter for chemical factories, food grade factories, special application factories are provided on make to order basis. The benefits of Aluminium Shutter is light weight, safe, corrossion proof.
  • Rolling Shutter Motor available in wide range for shutter uptil 2000Kgs.
  • Motors Available in capacity of 300Kgs, 600Kgs, 800Kgs, 1000Kgs, 1300Kgs & 1500Kgs in 1 Phase and 3 Phase.
  • We install European make motor for special shutter application, intensive usage, high quality requirements.
  • We are manufacturer of Shutter type - GI, MS, Polycarbonate, Aluminium & Rolling Grill shutter.
  • Compatible for New as well as Existing Shutters.
  • Easy and Simple to install even by Semi Skilled Workman.
  • 7 minuter non-stop operation can be done.
  • In case of power failure, chain can be used for its operation which is a part of a product itself.
  • High Resistance to weather.
  • Much better and durable than products available in Indian Market.
  • We have wide list of clients like Relaince Media Works, ZARA, International Aiprort Cargo Mumbai, Indian Navy (Naval Dockyard Mumbai), Maan Trucks, Kinder Joy Toy Factory.

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